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Four days

Four days can be a damn long time. There’re only 96 hours to count down. Excuse me, “only”? I’d like to impress. I’d like to talk. It’s my pleasure to do that. And I’m looking forward to a new life. Sometimes I’m looking back and finding myself comparing the past days with my imagination of the future days. I know some day the normal course of life will enter the hearts. This will become the mean to keep on thinking about the first times instead to forget it. But how can I forget these great times? I guess they’re unforgettable. But can I count down four days of missing? Imagination is not enough. Forwarding to something is not enough, too. I want it all, want it all coming back to me right now. I said I can manage with less. But I just can’t do with much. Because whenever I get much of something either I can’t get enough or I don’t want to lose it at all. To sit down here and counting down, hour by the hour, minute by the minute, is just a hard job to me. I can do every hard work. But I never thought that there’s harder work than hard work at all. “It’s just counting”, everybody will say. But they can’t feel what I feel. Even if some of them know how I feel. They just can’t trace back the facts. I don’t want to count down anymore. It looks a little like she still wants. But I guess she’s feeling the same. I’m angry with myself because there’s surely a shifter way to avoid it while I’m not able to. But it’s okay. There's nothing left to do but to keep on counting…
3.10.09 14:04


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